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About the UK ::: Midlands

At the ‘Heart of the UK’ lies the area known as The Midlands – which consists of a large number of counties, each with its own particular character and history.

Birmingham, England’s second city is probably the most famous city in the area, being strongly famed for its superb shopping centres, major international events and award winning restaurants.

In contrast to the exciting ‘hustle and bustle’ of Birmingham, the Midlands also has places of great cultural and historical value. Perhaps the most historic county in the Midlands is Warwickshire. The historic town of Warwick is best known for its magnificent castle, an imposing fortress towering over the banks of the River Avon, first fortified by William the Conqueror in 1068. Of course the Midlands is also home to Stratford the birthplace of England’s, and maybe the World’s most famous playwright, William Shakespeare.